Augason Farms READY NOW 24-Hour 1-Person Emergency Food & Water Supply

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"Ready now" is what you want to be when times get tough. Augason Farm's READY NOW™ Emergency Food and Water supply make that happen with no-cook, no-heat, and no-mess meals. Just add water and stir for hearty and tasty meals ready in minutes. You will have the water you need for food preparation and drinking (no water filter required!), plus utensils, straw, napkin, and salt and pepper. With 1,000 total calories and 43 grams of protein, you'll enjoy stick-to-your-bones emergency meals that will help you stay focused and energized during the first 24 hours of an emergency. These first several hours, your ability to be active and make critical decisions is paramount to your safety.


  • No cooking, no heating, no mess
  • Just add water to pouch contents and stir
  • Water included
  • Flavor-packed emergency food 
  • Total 1,000 calories / 43g protein 
  • Over 25-year shelf life


  • Homestyle Potatoes made with real mashed potatoes loaded with real cheddar cheese and chives (290 calories/7g protein)
    Chocolate Protein Shake (480 calories/29g protein)
  • Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal (230 calories/7g protein) 
  • eQuenchal Emergency Water (4, 12-ounce cans)
    Two sporks, a straw, and salt and pepper